Sight & Sound 2022’s Greatest Films Poll – My Submitted Picks

It was an honour to have been invited to partake in Sight & Sound’s once-a-decade poll this year. Filmmakers and critics around the world were asked to pick any 10 of the greatest films of all time. All the selections will then be consolidated. The first 100 films to receive the most votes will form a ranked list of 100 of the greatest films of all time.

Here is the announced 2022 list:

Though there is a slight improvement in diversity since 2012, it is still rather West European and American-skewing, a Western bias still visible in matters of film history, exposure and taste.

Sharing my selections (in alphabetical order) and why I picked them:


  1. Such a brilliant selection, so much interesting than the usual ‘canon’. I’ve seen Barry Lyndon, Close-up, The Leopard and Ugetsu, all beautiful masterpieces, the rest I know but look forward to watching. Personally I would also add In The Mood For Love, Once Upon A Time In The West, Beau Travail, and The Gospel According to Matthew.

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    1. Thanks for sharing! Of the other four films you mentioned, I haven’t yet seen Beau Travail (my Criterion Blu is still unwrapped!). Maybe this is a sign to fast-track it in my viewing queue.

      In the Mood for Love is also in my all-time best. Once Upon a Time in the West is my favourite Western (and possibly my favourite Morricone score). Love Pasolini’s Gospel as well – what a brilliant filmmaker.



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