My Favourite Films of 2017

First published: 11 Mar 2018

This year, I will be changing the format for my annual list where I will give out imaginary awards to the films that I hold in high regard for 2017.

Golden Snoopy: DUNKIRK – Christopher Nolan

For a film of incredible craftsmanship from direction to cinematography to sound. It is not just a technical triumph but a marvel of storytelling that breaks the rules of narrative structure, resulting in a lean and highly effective movie about a critical but underrepresented part of British WWII history. This is not a picture to be seen but experienced, and a high watermark of Nolan’s career.

Silver Snoopy: BLADE RUNNER 2049 – Denis Villeneuve

For a film of astonishing beauty and grace, adding another brilliant, layered chapter to the ‘Blade Runner’ world. Villeneuve’s bold attempt in delivering the highly-anticipated sequel is not to be taken lightly for it could have all collapsed under the sheer weight of misguided ambition. This is a movie that many will continue to talk about in the decades to come.

Silver Snoopy – Special Mention: ZAMA – Lucrecia Martel

For the unenviable task of adapting an un-adaptable novel, and making it singularly hers, Martel reminds us why she is one of South American cinema’s most talented filmmakers. Odd, languid and inert, yet haunting, sensorial and elusive, this is arguably the year’s most formally fascinating work.

  • Best Director: Darren Aronofsky – MOTHER! for his singular vision (Runner-Up: Matthew Heineman – CITY OF GHOSTS for vitalizing documentary filmmaking and his empathy)
  • Best Lead Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis – PHANTOM THREAD (Runner-Up: Hugh Jackman – LOGAN)
  • Best Lead Actress: Maryana Spivak – LOVELESS (Runner-Up: Vicky Krieps – PHANTOM THREAD)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Michael Stuhlbarg – CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (Runner-Up: Barry Keoghan – THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Betty Gabriel – GET OUT (Runner-Up: Lesley Manville – PHANTOM THREAD)
  • Best Cinematography: BLADE RUNNER 2049 – Roger Deakins (Runner-Up: DUNKIRK – Hoyte Van Hoytema; Special Mention: LOVELESS – Mikhail Krichman for his unparalleled ability to create moody and sombre visuals)
  • Best Film Editing: DUNKIRK – Lee Smith (Runner-Up: SWEET COUNTRY – Nick Meyers)
  • Best Original Screenplay: GET OUT – Jordan Peele (Runner-Up: THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER – Yorgos Lanthimos & Efthymis Filippou)
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: LOGAN – Scott Frank, James Mangold & Michael Green (Runner-Up: CALL ME BY YOUR NAME – James Ivory)
  • Best Production Design: BLADE RUNNER 2049 (Runner-Up: THE LOST CITY OF Z)
  • Best Costume Design: PHANTOM THREAD (Runner-Up: ZAMA)
  • Best Makeup & Hair: ZAMA (Runner-Up: BLADE RUNNER 2049)
  • Best Original Score: PHANTOM THREAD – Jonny Greenwood (Runner-Up: THE POST – John Williams; Special Mention: LOVELESS – Evgueni & Sacha Galperine for their unique and refreshing use of the piano in film scoring)
  • Best Use of Source Music: CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (Runner-Up: ZAMA)
  • Best Sound: DUNKIRK (Runner-Up: BLADE RUNNER 2049)
  • Best Sound Design: ZAMA (Runner-Up: THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER)
  • Best Visual Effects: BLADE RUNNER 2049 (Runner-Up: LOGAN)

Top 10 Films of 2017:

  1. DUNKIRK – Christopher Nolan (UK/France/USA)
  2. BLADE RUNNER 2049 – Denis Villeneuve (USA)
  3. ZAMA – Lucrecia Martel (Argentina)
  4. MOTHER! – Darren Aronofsky (USA)
  5. GET OUT – Jordan Peele (USA)
  6. LOVELESS – Andrei Zvyagintsev (Russia)
  7. THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER – Yorgos Lanthimos (UK/Ireland)
  8. THE LOST CITY OF Z – James Gray (USA)
  9. RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: CODA – Stephen Nomura Schible (Japan/USA)
  10. PHANTOM THREAD – Paul Thomas Anderson (USA/UK)

Special Mention (in alphabetical order):

  • CALL ME BY YOUR NAME – Luca Guadagnino (Italy/France)
  • CITY OF GHOSTS – Matthew Heineman (USA)
  • COCO – Lee Unkrich & Adrian Molina (USA)
  • LOGAN – James Mangold (USA)
  • POST, THE – Steven Spielberg (USA)
  • SWEET COUNTRY – Warwick Thornton (Australia)

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